Prints and Coasters for Sale

All images are available in either notecards, prints or coasters


  • $3 each
  • Set of 4: $10

Matted Prints

  • 5"x 7"  Matte and Print only: $5

                   Print and black frame:  $10

  •  11 x 14  Matte and Print only:  $15
  • 16" x 20"   Matte and Print only:  $25
  • 18" x 24" Matte and Print only:  $30


  • Single Coaster:  $10
  • Single coaster set into natural maple wood frame: $20 
  • Set of four coasters (mix and match):  $30
  • Coaster Set with coaster holder:  $40

At this time, the website is not able to accept credit card sales directly.  Black Line Creations can accept credit card sales over the phone or through PayPal payments.  If interested in purchasing online, contact us direct or through email and we will take care of the sale.  Local delivery to the Portland area is at no charge.  Call for information regarding shipping throughout the US.  Typically, shipping cost is $10.